I grew up on Annapolis and went to Hillsmere Elementary school many years ago. Now life has gone full circle and my nephews are proud students of Hillsmere Elementary school. I was approached by a friend and grandmother of a current student about Creative Capes donating to their annual holiday event where each student is able to shop for 3 gifts for their family members at no cost. I know as well as anyone the power of a cape so I pulled an assortment of colorful blank satin capes for their event. My hope is that the students will select a particular color and size cape to suit their needs and decorate it to personalized it for their brother or sister. Handmade gifts are the best in my opinion. 

Hopefully there will be a few extra large grins on Christmas morning in my hometown once the superhero capes are unwrapped. Personalized superhero capes give the gift of empowerment instantly to those who slip it on. Being Santa helper brings me great joy helping little ones…be proud, be strong and be brave.

Holly Hagen