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Capes for a Cause

I started Creative Capes with the mission to help kids of all ages engage in active play, stimulate their imaginations, and realize their inner strengths. With that in mind, I'm always looking for the opportunity to connect with organizations (schools, hospitals, community groups, etc.) that might be able to give capes to children who are fighting their own personal battles.


For example: A Howard County Pre-K teacher reached out to me to help create a superhero theme day for her Title 1 students. (You can read about it and see photos on my blog: When the kids put on their capes for the first time, they transformed with feelings of pride, joy, self esteem, happiness, and self confidence.

With the capes given to the Pre-K class, we included a book focused on empowerment along with this note:

“Each one of you has your own superhero powers that you possess and should be proud of. When you wear this cape be proud of you are, brave, and happy always. Never underestimate your powers and continue to shine as we all know you can daily. You are your own superhero so do great things!”
Each organization requires a bit of a different arrangement, so I'm glad to talk with you about your specific needs. Feel free to email me at



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