Ready to become your OWN superhero?

Handmade hero capes with the child's initial that are designed to ignite imaginations and build a child's self-esteem.

What sets us apart

Why Choose Creative Capes?

Creatives Capes' mission is to teach each child they have their own unique qualities and can be proud of themselves exactly as they are. Each handmade satin cape features the child’s first initial turning them into their own superhero. A personalized cape encourages positive playtime instilling confidence, creative thinking, problem solving, helping others, active play and a healthy self image.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
This cape is well worth the minimal expense. The fabric is sturdy, the colors are brilliant, and the stitching is durable enough for years of a child's fun filled fantasy play. I highly recommend this purchase.
— Deborah W.
Customer reviews
Holly creates the BEST superhero sets. Both of my great nephews LOVE THEM. They hate to take them off. I highly recommend Creative Capes and will be back to buy more as these two outgrow their current ones!!!
— Anita B.
Customer reviews
My 7 year old daughter has had her cape since she was almost 2, so of course little sister needed one with her initial! Our original cape is still looking perfect after 5 years of wear, and I know the new one will be just as amazing! Thanks!!
— Jennifer H.
Kid's Initial Cape Special Edition - Aqua - Creative Capes
Customer reviews
I am ordering my third hero set for a great nephew. The quality is outstanding and durable. The kids love them and the cape sets foster their creativity!
— Irene O.
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How it all began

My Story

Empowering kids through art has been my life-long passion, so it was only a matter of time before my creative ideas and personal drive lead me to developing Creative Capes. Curious about how it all began?