Kid's Personalized Superhero Cape - Aqua Special Edition

$ 40.00

First Initial

Does your little one love the feeling of being a sparkly princess? If you are looking for a superhero cape with a little bling this is the cape design for you.

Handmade quality hero cape for kids to fuel their imagination. Have your child become empowered as their own superhero instead of imitating a cartoon character. I use the child's first initial on the super emblem to boost their self esteem. Each cape is double sided and will have a personalized emblem on the back with the child's first initial so they can become their own superhero character. I use high quality satin fabric which is typically used for dresses instead of the inexpensive costume satin fabric which snags easily. This design has extra handwork with metallic mesh wrapped around the outer felt emblem to give extra sparkle. This is a wonderful gift that is unique, custom and durable. They have a velcro closure for safety and can be hand washed if they become dirty after months of playing superhero. Capes should be enjoyed with adult supervision and are not meant for use as sleepwear.

This cape has a lite aqua satin exterior with a medium aqua lining. The accessories will match as shown in picture. 

View our sizing chart for detailed measurements and recommended ages.

Customer Reviews

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Kara S.
So in love!!

My oldest had one for a few years. My youngest needed to have something special just for her. She loves it and plays with it frequently.

Make sure you let her knows one of her first superhero assignments is to pick her own powers. Will she be super brave, smart, kind, strong? maybe freeze ray, invisibility or... how about super helper!

Jennifer H.
The BEST capes!

My 7 year old daughter has had her cape since she was almost 2, so of course little sister needed one with her initial! Our original cape is still looking perfect after 5 years of wear, and I know the new one will be just as amazing! Thanks!!

Dave A.
Above and beyond!!!

I ordered 4 capes, and 4 masks, all different colors, for my 6 year old daughter and her friends to celebrate her finishing chemotherapy. I placed my order pretty close to when I needed them for her party and I contacted Holly to make sure I would get them in time and she assured me it would be. Everything I ordered was there in less than 3 days!!! Holly even included a personal note congratulating my daughter. Not only was it an easy buying experience but Holly is just a wonderful person. The look of excitement on my daughters face, as well as her friends, was truly priceless. I would recommend any of Creative Capes products to anyone looking for something special for the superhero child in their life.

Colleen S.
We love our new cape!!!

We LOVE the aqua cape we just got today. We bought it for our four-year-old for her birthday. She hasn't taken it off. It's bright and beautiful, high quality, and easy to put on and off. I don't have to use safety pins and blankets anymore.

Great Quality!

My son got his cape from Creative Capes when he was one, so when my daughter was born we knew we'd be getting her one as well. Are there cheaper capes out there? Sure. But these will last through years of rough play and still look brand new. Plus what kid doesn't want their own initial on the back?