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The Power of a Cape

I started Creative Capes with the mission to help kids of all ages engage in active play, stimulate their imaginations, and realize their inner strengths. Listen to one mom talk about how Creative Capes does just that for her children.


October 06, 2021 — Holly Hagen
Creative Capes Fall Shows are Happening!

Creative Capes Fall Shows are Happening!

September 09, 2021 — Holly Hagen
Last Minute Gift Ideas and How to Avoid Mailing Delays

Last Minute Gift Ideas and How to Avoid Mailing Delays

USPS is maxed out so consider a gift card as a great way to pick up a last minute gift. Hulafrog has pulled together a list of suggestions which includes Creative Capes. Remember gift cards can be purchased in numerous values to suit your budget. Click here to view the article.
December 15, 2020 — Holly Hagen
Being Festive during a COVID Christmas

Being Festive during a COVID Christmas

I am an artist not a baker so cooking and assembling the gingerbread isn’t where my interests lie. Some years our family uses gingerbread kits for the structures (purchased from the craft store) and other years use plastic forms that are reusable year after year so we never have to worry about walls or rooftops collapsing.
Everybody in my family embraces our artistic abilities and uses candies and icings as if paints on our palette. There is no age limit at our house when we pull out multiple gingerbread structures each year. The youngest (age 5) will begin by selecting an adult as their partner and the teams are formed. Several of us have art degrees so we are often matched up first unlike the school age days when the artsy kid gets picked last for the team, lol. 
A few years back my husband and adult son were partnered up and broke the rules by sneaking in their own decorations including blinking lights after a secret run to Michaels Craft Store. All items are supposed to be shared on the table for everyone to use so we all called foul that year.
We try to create our gingerbread houses at our family gathering on or right before Christmas. The grandparents love to watch as the two younger generations (age 5 to 55) begin to create their sugary masterpieces. No copying others peoples ideas is allowed so the creations are all very different. 
I try to provide a wide range of materials from the typical gum drops and sugar canes to seeds for a more unconventional decorations. You can see the kids and adults imaginations turn on when they explore all the possibilities that await them. I often save the leftover candy decorations to use the following year which helps me from snacking during the event and then for days afterwards. Needless to say we add new goodies each year so the kiddos can taste test their building supplies which adds to the merriment.
Creativity is a messy business so I bring out a large vinyl cloth to cover the floor or table as confectioner sugar is dusted galore on our winter wonderlands. It is an activity we look forward to each year and takes the focus off presents. It certainly gives us a way to interact with each other regardless of age (my kids are much older than my nephews) and creates some beautiful family memories. 
Our family gathering will be much smaller this year due to the pandemic but I am encouraging my siblings to have fun building their gingerbread house with their kids and we all share our unique creations with each other using todays technology. It is important more than ever to find ways to have fun and joyful activities between immediate family members that we already spend so much time with. Be creative how you can use this activity to bring you happiness and share the moments with those dear to you who cannot be in your living room this year.
HELPFUL TIP- I recommend the reusable gingerbread house forms called Candy Cottage that I found at a craft show in VA if you want to skip the baking phase and jump right into decorating. The few parts easily snap together into  sturdy house and once you are done with it they can go through the dishwasher and be collapsed for easy storage. Here is there website if you are interested in purchasing them-
December 12, 2020 — Holly Hagen
Superhero Holiday Sale Has Begun!

Superhero Holiday Sale Has Begun!

It has been a rough year for all of us so Creative Capes hopes to make your holiday shopping a little easier.

$5 off when you spend $40 use code 5HEROBUCKS

$15 off when you spend $75 use code 15HEROBUCKS

$30 off purchases of $150 use 30HEROBUCKS

Now more than ever we all find ourselves searching the internet for the perfect gift for the coming holidays to bring joy to our loved ones. Kiddos and their parents will cherish our handmade personalized capes and hero accessories that are made to provide years of enjoyment. If you have a cape already then this is a great opportunity to add your favorite hero accessories to your hero wardrobe. Use codes above to activate your savings* - sale ends 11/30/2020 at midnight! 

*All sale and regular priced items are eligible except gift certificates and Heroes Unite donations


Need Gift Wrapping?

We offer gift wrapping option at checkout so it is a piece of cake to have your superhero gift sent directly to your special little hero in your extended family. 

Creative Capes wrapping paper for holiday gifts


November 27, 2020 — Holly Hagen

Aunts are our #1 Customer....hear from Super Aunt Gayle!

The best way to understand the positive impact Creative Capes has on a child is to hear from actual customers. We find once people discover Creative Capes and see first hand all the joy that their little hero experiences (not to mention all those around them) they typical become life long customers.

Aunts are our biggest customer, looking for a unique gifts for their nieces and nephews. Personalized cape sets are fun, instill creativity and empowerment, built to last and not already in their toy chest. Lets face it every Aunt wants to be the #1 Aunt in a child's eyes. Enjoy hearing from Super Aunt Gayle! Contact me if you would like to submit a video clip of your Creative Capes' experience.

November 23, 2020 — Holly Hagen
Creating Capes for a Cause

Creating Capes for a Cause

Read the article on MarylandToday article about UMD Alum Who Launches Fundraiser to Help Baltimore Kids Discover Their Inner Hero

October 14, 2020 — Holly Hagen

WBAL Recognizes Creative Capes Heroes Unite Campaign

Click here to read the story

October 02, 2020 — Holly Hagen

Bring Joy to Children this Halloween and Year Round by Joining Heroes Unite Campaign

WMAR Channel 2 News brings attention to Creative Capes' Heroes Unite campaign to empower students. Be a Hero and join us in funding 110 capes for students at a Title 1 elementary in Baltimore City. We are half way to our funding goal and need your donation to provide capes and masks to the deserving first grade and kindergarten students at North Bend Elementary before Halloween. Please donate now, any size donation with help us make a positive impact on a young student's outlook.

October 02, 2020 — Holly Hagen
Ready to Be a Hero and Empower Students at a Baltimore City Title1 School?

Ready to Be a Hero and Empower Students at a Baltimore City Title1 School?

Something as simple as a cape can make a big difference in a child’s mental health and self-esteem. Join us in raising $3,850 to fund 110 capes and masks for the kindergarteners and first graders at North Bend Elementary, Title 1 School in Baltimore City before Halloween.

For every $35 donated, the cost of one handmade cape, a student will receive a personalized satin cape with their first initial. Creative Capes will also donate a matching superhero eye mask ($10 value) and an activity booklet to encourage creative play at home. Together we can provide joy and empowerment to so many deserving children. BE A HERO- Donate Now

September 18, 2020 — Holly Hagen