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The Power of a Cape

I started Creative Capes with the mission to help kids of all ages engage in active play, stimulate their imaginations, and realize their inner strengths. Listen to one mom talk about how Creative Capes does just that for her children.


October 06, 2021 — Holly Hagen

Share "The Power of a Cape" in booklet form!

People always ask me where I got the idea for Creative Capes, so I've been looking for another way to tell my story to new customers or those who might get a cape as a gift for their child.

I'm so excited to be able to share a new booklet that tells the story of Creative Capes in a compact format. Inside you will find what inspired me to take the journey of Creative Capes, information on the value of open-ended play in igniting children's imaginations, how to connect with the Creative Capes Community, and care instructions on how to make your cape last for many years. These will be included with every order and will also be available in my booth at craft shows. Grab a couple, and share with your friends!

Click here to download the PDF version. 

September 26, 2019 — Holly Hagen

Happy Customer at Bizarre Bazaar!

I'm so happy to bring another superhero into the family! Come by this weekend and visit the Bizarre Bazaar, Christmas Collection. Details below. 

The Bizarre Bazaar - Christmas Collection

November 29 - Dec. 2, 2018, Thursday - Saturday 10 - 7pm, Sunday 10 - 5pm
The Richmond Raceway, 600 E Laburnum Ave, Richmond, VA

November 30, 2018 — Holly Hagen

What Kids Think: Can you picture saving the day?

In troubled times we need heroes more than ever. Everyone has a hero inside and all we have to do is choose to embrace them. Make the world a better place through our own small actions. Watch as some of our Creative Capes heroes show picture how they can save the day. 


March 14, 2018 — Holly Hagen
Tags: Video

Creative Capes Live on WUTB

BMORE Lifestyle helps spread the word about Creative Capes empowering kids one cape at a time.
October 26, 2017 — Holly Hagen

What Kids Think: The Blooper Reel

In our “What Kids Think” video series, kids tell about how they can be superheroes by helping others in need. Well, that was the idea. Anyone who works with kids knows that things don't always go as planned. Watch this fun behind the scenes blooper reel from our filming to see the results.


May 24, 2017 — Holly Hagen

What Kids Think: Is there a superhero in you?

Kids tell about how they can be superheroes by helping others in need.


March 28, 2017 — Holly Hagen

"What Kids Think" - A New Video Series

The start of the 2017 show season may be a few months off but no dust settles around here while brainstorming on how to get the word out about Creative Capes. We loved our past mini movie productions and wanted to approach the process a little different this time.

We gathered a group of kids and asked them "What makes a superhero". We fell in love with the format and the candid responses and decided we must create a series on "what kids think". The videos feature kids who have put their heart and soul into this project. As you watch I expect you might find yourself laughing or smiling as the camera captures the beauty of a child's outlook on the world. We consider them true movie stars and hope you will too.

All our Creative Capes videos are going to be posted within our blog and on YouTube for our viewers to check out. We have the first in the series posted and several more in production so be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to be alerted as new ones are released.

February 17, 2017 — Holly Hagen

What Makes a Superhero?

February 08, 2017 — Holly Hagen

Quick Tip on Wearing Creative Capes Power Cuffs

Creative Capes brings a special guest to the studio to show how to wear power wrist cuffs. Click on the image to play the clip.


January 18, 2017 — Holly Hagen