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The Power of a Cape

I started Creative Capes with the mission to help kids of all ages engage in active play, stimulate their imaginations, and realize their inner strengths. Listen to one mom talk about how Creative Capes does just that for her children.


October 06, 2021 — Holly Hagen

Christmas is Coming, the Excitement is Building

Creative Capes Testimonial
December 13, 2018 — Holly Hagen
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Happy Customer at Bizarre Bazaar!

I'm so happy to bring another superhero into the family! Come by this weekend and visit the Bizarre Bazaar, Christmas Collection. Details below. 

The Bizarre Bazaar - Christmas Collection

November 29 - Dec. 2, 2018, Thursday - Saturday 10 - 7pm, Sunday 10 - 5pm
The Richmond Raceway, 600 E Laburnum Ave, Richmond, VA

November 30, 2018 — Holly Hagen

Bug's Mission to Make Others Smile

bugBug has always loved his super heroes, and loved capes from the time he was little. Since we have found Creative Capes it's all he will wear when he has to have a cape on. He uses it to feel powerful on his weak days and as a way to make people smile and not feel uncomfortable about his wheelchair when he's out. Today was no different, we went to the Topsfield Fair and he had to have his Creative Capes outfit on. Nothing like traveling with a superhero everywhere you go!

October 08, 2018 — Holly Hagen

Christmas Morning Hero

I love this message from Corie K., proud grandmother to a new superhero. 

"Thank you. I absolutely love your products! My grandson was so excited that he almost knocked down the Christmas tree running through the house. Thank you once again!"




January 03, 2018 — Holly Hagen
Tags: Testimonials

Creative Cards

It's wonderful to have a cape featured on a greeting card by Mundo Images! Here's a bit about what inspired the card and Ann who runs the small business:

Mundo Images started 10 years ago on paperwork - but really started when I was 4 - taking photos of a frog on a family vacation. Since then - I have loved photography and capturing special moments. In 2017 - I started my greeting card business featuring my photos from around the globe. They are printed locally on tree-free paper!

During our first Christmas in the Country show- our neighbors were Creative Capes. We couldn’t stop noticing how these capes completely transformed these young peeps once they put them on.

When my nephew was turning 3 - I knew I had to get him one. He opened his gift and he lit up! He ran around the house and had a smile all day during his party - and never took off his cape. When we go for walks - he always puts on his cape. He stands a little taller and always smiles. I know I had to create a card out of this wonderful feeling for kids - and a great message for adults.

"In the end... you've got to be your own "super" hero."

September 27, 2017 — Holly Hagen

Fundraising Success

"I reached out to Holly at Creative Capes to assist with our preschool auction. Her message of empowerment and encouraging creative courage in children was a perfect match for our preschool. Not only did she donate a personalized cape, she was also gracious enough to donate a portion of funds raised when anyone from the school purchased an item. My son loves his cape and i knew it would be a hot item. Sure enough, we had a great bidding war over the cape. All of the money raised went to refresh the nature preschool including new items for the garden, proper height chairs and table for the younger children to write and new equipment for the STEAM classes. I am so grateful to Holly for her support and will continue to spread the awesome message of Creative Capes!"

- Christine L.

September 17, 2017 — Holly Hagen

Spreading Awareness and Empowerment

I'd like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Janice for inspiring and empowering her community. I'm proud to be a small part of that in making several custom capes to support her breast cancer awareness efforts. 

ABOVE: Janice and friends get ready for a race.


"I was diagnosed in June 2015. When I heard the words,"you have cancer", I cried then went to exercise.  My mother also went through the same fight. I knew I wasn't going to let it win. The night before my surgery, I rappelled the Niagara Casino.  Right after surgery, I was walking 5 miles daily. Sit, rest, not me!  One week after my double mastectomy, I completed 13 miles of the tough mudder.

My first chemo, I wore boxing gloves. I was going to win this fight. Throughout my chemo infusions, I would pick a theme, then decorate myself and my cubicle. I wore all pink, dressed as "Sally", a pilgrim, Mrs. Incredible and santas elf. The staff and patients enjoyed my decorating and I made them happy. They actually looked forward to me getting my treatment. It was not a time for defeat but rather a new beginning for me. It was time for my marathon in Florida and I bought matching top and bottom with a princess skirt. Holly had made capes for my grandsons and I thought, "why not me?" I wore my cape for the Susan Komen race. I was not only representing me in the fight against breast cancer but also all the women out there. I was shopping in the mall, and people would greet me. I know you!!  You're one of us!

When I wear my cape, it is not for me. It is to bring recognition to the disease and to all fighting.  I wear it to represent everyone. Even though you had surgery, you can still run. Even though you had chemo, you can run. Even though you had radiation, you can run. You do not have to stop living your normal life because you have cancer. I did not let the disease control me, but rather I controlled it! 

I am proud to wear my cape to all my runs and will continue doing so."




ABOVE: Janice met Donnie Wahlberg (actor, producer, and member of New Kids on the Block) and asked him to sign a cape for the artist behind Creative Capes. He wrote "To Holly, Love Donnie. PS - This is Awesome!"


ABOVE: Janice presented the Mayor of Buffalo his own cape!



After developing these capes for Janice, I have been asked a number of times if I would make them available for purchase to everyone. Since breast cancer awareness month is October, I will make these special editions available during the months of September and October. Click here to shop now.

August 31, 2017 — Holly Hagen

Help Kids Create Their Own Story


By Amanda Mahon
Mom to 7 year old superhero, Loralai


When my daughter puts on her ensemble from Creative Capes, she is transformed. Not just by the empowering feeling of being a superhero who can do anything, but she allows her imagination to take over and she really takes that can-do-anything to heart and I know that all of this is much much more than just simple child’s play.

Using the imagination is an important part of psychological and physical development for children who eventually become adults that can creatively problem solve. Being able to imagine different endings to situations allows us, as adults, to think through scenarios and decided what is best for our desired outcomes. This is a learned process. If as a child, you grew up only understanding the here and now, there would be no way to understand the different ways the future could be changed and would be hard pressed to cope if a different situation arose than the one they are accustomed to. Developing and using the imagination as child is critical to developing these skills and being a successful adult.

As for physical development, children learn through activity, developing their senses, motor skills and even communication through movement and these all relate to brain development as well. Imaginative play gets children moving and exploring the world around them.

Our children live in a time when screens are more accessible than ever, but those screens are more of a one way street. They present information and here and there they can make choices about where to go in a video game, etc. but screens (and video games) present a very limited way to use imagination that does not help to produce the same developmental physical and neurological results.

British education expert Sir Ken Robinson explains that one of the ways adults can help a child develop an imagination is through the use of various props that “fuel fantasy and motivate them (children) to create their own story.” [See source.] Creative Capes are wonderful props to jump start the imagination. One day my daughter can be a superhero, fighting off the bad guys. The next day she is a regal queen forging peace between her stuffed animals. There is really no limit to who she can be or where she can go, but the cape empowers her to just open her mind and dive into a new adventure.

June 13, 2017 — Holly Hagen

The Ideal Birthday Gift is a Piece of Cake!

"Holly’s capes are amazing! I have purchased these capes and various accessories numerous times as birthday gifts for both boys and girls. It is so fun to see the child’s reaction and then their face light up as they transform into a superhero. The capes are well made and parents are always grateful when their children receive gifts such as this rather than more toys to overtake the house. Don’t think twice if you are considering a Creative Cape as your next gift. Holly even gift wraps and can ship right to the birthday child with your personalized note!"

- Danielle, mom of two superheroes

April 19, 2017 — Holly Hagen