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Creating Moments and Memories


"These heirloom pieces are top notch quality! I was so pleased with how well made they were. I love the fact that the masks have very large eye holes so that the kids can wear them without having to constantly mess with them. The details (glitter = amazing) are seriously great and set them apart. The pieces are very adjustable with large pieces of velcro allowing them to wear the for years to come! They are keepsake box material and I can’t wait to make some incredible memories in them, the moments that they can tell their children about when they pass them on someday."

—Testimonial and photos by Sarah Blevins, www.ourlittlelifestyle.com


March 07, 2017 — Holly Hagen
My Favorite Superhero is Me!

My Favorite Superhero is Me!

"At a school function the other day, someone asked a group of kids who their favorite superhero is. Some said Batman, Superman, etc. I was wondering what my eight year old child would say since we had just seen the Lego Batman movie. His response warmed my heart. He said, 'I'm my favorite superhero, because I have a cape.' He has had his personalized cape from Creative Capes for a few years now.  It has helped him protect many throughout several play dates, dress up days at school and camp, and on quiet days at home. His cape has been through mud, rain, and snow and is still shines (it is truly made exceptionally well) as it makes him my favorite superhero too."

— Lisa G.

February 22, 2017 — Holly Hagen

"Super Sassy"

"Having a super cape goes beyond dress up and imagination. The cape gives my daughter the feeling of invincibility and the "I got this" attitude. She loves to run around the house as 'Super Sassy' and fly through the air and rescue her puppies and animals that need help."

—Janelle M.

January 25, 2017 — Holly Hagen
Tags: Testimonials

"Super Heerios!"


"My children are 42 & 39, I made them capes (not nearly as nice as yours!), MANY years ago. They loved them, played with them for years. When I saw yours at Christmas in the Country all those memories came flooding back. I had to buy some for my Grandchildren. We did NOT wait until Christmas to give them to them. Instead we gave them to them in November. Christmas can be overwhelming to little people with many gifts all at once. We tried to spread out the gift giving so each thing can be properly appreciated and enjoyed. C & A have VERY limited exposure to ‘screen time’ but that did not impede their ‘cape knowledge'. The minute they opened them they knew EXACTLY what to do. Put on your cape and mask and run around yelling, “super heerio Charlie” and “super heerio” Ade!”. This is not a gift that will be played with once and forgotten about, but will last for many years."

Marcia C. (Super Heerio's Grandma)

January 16, 2017 — Holly Hagen

The World Would Be Boring Without Different


In January 2016, we were told that Patrick has Autism.  Some things that seem simple to others, may be difficult for him. 

It is important to teach any child the meaning of empowerment, and to let him know that it is ok to stand out. This past summer, I took my 3 year old son with me to an arts and craft festival in town. We walked the festival, without the intention to buy anything.  As we walked past a tent labeled "Creative Capes," I saw a bright red cape with a white "P" staring at me and my son.  I thought to myself, 'I said I wasn't going to buy anything today, but this is just too good to pass up.'  My son, Patrick, looked up at the cape, amongst the other beautifully made capes, and smiled and said "P."  It was a sign.  I had to buy it for him.  And I did.

Just like any parent, I worry about my son feeling comfortable being who he is. I worry that he will come across others that will not accept him because he is different. I always try to teach him that different is great. The world would be boring without different. And that it is a wonderful thing to stand out and that he should be proud of who he is. I feel the cape does just that.

When we got home from the festival, we went outside in the backyard and I put on his cape. Immediately, my little 3 year old boy, smiled and began galloping around, hands in the air. A smile beamed on my face, a tear filled up my eye, and my heart warmed instantly. His happiness and pride in himself was glowing, and he was anxious to show it off. His cape hangs in his room and every so often, he reaches for it and says "help" for me to put it on him. Each time, a smile is on his face.

That cape makes me feel a sense of empowerment, as a parent of an autistic child, who has struggles of my own. My son is my hero. He faces struggles every single day that others do not and he not only overcomes them, but he does so with a smile on his face. He can work on one goal for days, months, years even...and not give up until he succeeds. His determination is inspiring to me. I have learned a million and a half things from him since he was born.  He has taught me to notice how beautiful the little things are in life and how easily they can go unnoticed. I always say the day he was diagnosed was the day we were told he has super powers. So, to me, that cape is fitting because he is my little super hero. And seeing how happy he is in it, and how special he feels, is his and my way of celebrating his super powers together.

I also have three nephews, all under the age of 2. I decided to get them each their own cape for this past Christmas. All children deserve to feel special, and I knew the cape would do just that for each of them.

I just wanted to say thank you for putting so much love into what you do.  It goes a long way.

- Sara B. 

January 08, 2017 — Holly Hagen

PAWS for People 5K

A big thanks to Ashley K. for passing along these great photos from the PAWS for People 5K. She says that Shaggydog (white) and Newton (black), wore their awesome costumes at the 5K! Shaggydog also wore his costume to visit 2nd grade at Richey Elementary and was a big hit with the kids.


November 14, 2016 — Holly Hagen

Bug's Bikes Video

I'm a huge fan of Bug and his mission to help others. He's a true super hero!
November 07, 2016 — Holly Hagen

Creative Capes Halloween Costumes

Enjoy some highlights from our trick or treating Creative Capes heroes!
November 02, 2016 — Holly Hagen

Flying Again

What a beautiful note from a brave woman! 

"My husband died quite unexpectedly five years ago, and my daughter and I were lost and broken. Last summer we discovered Creative Capes at a festival near our home, and my 21 year old daughter bought herself an outfit. Just last week, on my own birthday, she presented me with a gorgeous red and white silk superhero outfit of my own. Our inner heroes were set free! I'm feeling like I can fly again and laugh and just be silly. It's one of the best gifts I've ever received, and I have the cape hanging on my bedroom door so I smile every single day (when I'm not wearing it to perform superhero type feats of heroism)."

– Pam

November 02, 2016 — Holly Hagen

Cape Helps Break Barriers


I’m constantly reminded of how impactful capes are to people of all situations. I recently received this wonderful letter and it truly touched me to know that my cape is making a difference for this boy. 

"I wanted to tell you a story about a cape I purchased from you last year. I bought it for a little boy who was 5 at the time and who has spent his life in and out of hospitals. He's a super hero in our eyes. He was in the hospital on life support when I sent the cape to his mom and she put it over him in the bed and it stayed there until his health improved and he was able to come home. He loves his cape! He cannot walk and uses a wheelchair and he does not talk, but he is a bright child with a giant smile and he goes to school and loves people. But other children don't always understand why he's in a wheelchair it can sometimes be off putting to them. Well his mom said that now he wears his cape on the back of his wheelchair and everywhere he goes, the children run up to him to say hello, because they are attracted to his cape and then they see that he's just a like boy in a chair who likes to make friends. Thank you for your beautiful product. This little boy has loved his cape and it continues to put a smile on his face!"

—Marie M.

October 31, 2016 — Holly Hagen