I’m constantly reminded of how impactful capes are to people of all situations. I recently received this wonderful letter and it truly touched me to know that my cape is making a difference for this boy. 

"I wanted to tell you a story about a cape I purchased from you last year. I bought it for a little boy who was 5 at the time and who has spent his life in and out of hospitals. He's a super hero in our eyes. He was in the hospital on life support when I sent the cape to his mom and she put it over him in the bed and it stayed there until his health improved and he was able to come home. He loves his cape! He cannot walk and uses a wheelchair and he does not talk, but he is a bright child with a giant smile and he goes to school and loves people. But other children don't always understand why he's in a wheelchair it can sometimes be off putting to them. Well his mom said that now he wears his cape on the back of his wheelchair and everywhere he goes, the children run up to him to say hello, because they are attracted to his cape and then they see that he's just a like boy in a chair who likes to make friends. Thank you for your beautiful product. This little boy has loved his cape and it continues to put a smile on his face!"

—Marie M.

Holly Hagen