"My children are 42 & 39, I made them capes (not nearly as nice as yours!), MANY years ago. They loved them, played with them for years. When I saw yours at Christmas in the Country all those memories came flooding back. I had to buy some for my Grandchildren. We did NOT wait until Christmas to give them to them. Instead we gave them to them in November. Christmas can be overwhelming to little people with many gifts all at once. We tried to spread out the gift giving so each thing can be properly appreciated and enjoyed. C & A have VERY limited exposure to ‘screen time’ but that did not impede their ‘cape knowledge'. The minute they opened them they knew EXACTLY what to do. Put on your cape and mask and run around yelling, “super heerio Charlie” and “super heerio” Ade!”. This is not a gift that will be played with once and forgotten about, but will last for many years."

Marcia C. (Super Heerio's Grandma)

Holly Hagen