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Free Superhero Activity Booklet

Free Superhero Activity Booklet

Congrats to you and your little one(s) making it through the first week of virtual learning!

It can be a challenge to make learning and development fun. Creative Capes is here to help with a free superhero activity booklet, no purchase necessary. Download a printable PDF, encourage your hero(es) to use their imagination to fill it out and share with others! I can't wait to see what you create.

September 14, 2020 — Holly Hagen
Above and Beyond!!!

Above and Beyond!!!

I ordered 4 capes, and 4 masks, all different colors, for my 6 year old daughter and her friends to celebrate her finishing chemotherapy. I placed my order pretty close to when I needed them for her party and I contacted Holly to make sure I would get them in time and she assured me it would be. Everything I ordered was there in less than 3 days!!! Holly even included a personal note congratulating my daughter. Not only was it an easy buying experience but Holly is just a wonderful person. The look of excitement on my daughters face, as well as her friends, was truly priceless. I would recommend any of Creative Capes products to anyone looking for something special for the superhero child in their life. - Dave, Proud Dadsuper girl battling cancer

August 13, 2020 — Holly Hagen

New England Christmas Festival Interviews Artists starting with Creative Capes

June 26, 2020 — Holly Hagen

Share "The Power of a Cape" in booklet form!

People always ask me where I got the idea for Creative Capes, so I've been looking for another way to tell my story to new customers or those who might get a cape as a gift for their child.

I'm so excited to be able to share a new booklet that tells the story of Creative Capes in a compact format. Inside you will find what inspired me to take the journey of Creative Capes, information on the value of open-ended play in igniting children's imaginations, how to connect with the Creative Capes Community, and care instructions on how to make your cape last for many years. These will be included with every order and will also be available in my booth at craft shows. Grab a couple, and share with your friends!

Click here to download the PDF version. 

September 26, 2019 — Holly Hagen
Halloween is creeping up on us!

Halloween is creeping up on us!

Want a costume that your kids will want to wear after October 31? 

Get a handmade costume that will help your kids realize their inner strengths, encourage active play, good citizenship, and stimulate their imaginations.


September 18, 2019 — Holly Hagen

These heroes made our day!

A huge thank you to all of those who sent in photos of their little (and big) heroes! We received so many entries that we decided to pick TWO winners this time around.

Cheryl C. wins for the best action shot.



And Kathleen S. wins for the most exuberant hero!



Check out the other super fantastic photo submissions.



Keep sending us the best shots of your little (or big) superheroes, and you could win Creative Capes gift cards. Submit your photos into our photo contest by tagging @creativecapes on Instagram and/or Facebook or emailing images to

August 07, 2019 — Holly Hagen

📸 Lights, Camera, Action! 📸

Show Off Your Superhero!

Send us the best shots of your little (or big) superheroes, and you could win Creative Capes gift cards. Submit your photos into our photo contest by tagging @creativecapes on Instagram and/or Facebook or emailing images to

In the mean time, check out these awesome superheroes who have already joined the contest!


July 02, 2019 — Holly Hagen

Glenside Art Festival

Read about our first art show of the season- Glenside Art Festival in PA. Click here.

Holly Hagen, Creative Capes at the Glenside Art Festival

Glenside art festival by RenCrafts

April 29, 2019 — Holly Hagen

Beyond the Cape! Comics and Contemporary Art at Boca Raton Museum of Art


I am tickled pink to be included in the Boca Raton Museum of Art's merchandise for their "Beyond the Cape!” art exhibit opening in mid April. An assortment of Creative Capes and accessories will be available in their gift shop during the exhibit starting April 16th. If you're in the area, make sure to stop by to experience the art!




Beyond the Cape! Comics and Contemporary Art focuses on contemporary artists directly influenced by comics. Artists come from the world of comics with a variety of points of view such as Renee Cox who adapts the super hero theme in her work and Joyce Pensato and Enrique Chagoya borrow iconic characters from comics to comment on issues relevant today. Artists known primarily for their work in the world of comics and graphic novels will also be included: R. Crumb, Aline Kominsky-Crumb, Mimi Pond, and Ron Wimberly. There are others who crossover into both worlds such as Richard Pettibon and Anton Kannemeyer; and Kerry James Marshall and Christian Marclay who have made comics in addition to work for which they are better known.

For more information, visit


April 19, 2019 — Holly Hagen
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Duopress and Creative Capes Team Up!

When I start my work week I never know what interesting calls or emails I might encounter. My days are typically filled with sewing, cutting fabric, marketing efforts, accounting, screening robo calls, ordering supplies, responding to customers, posting on social media... you get the picture – the life of an entrepreneur. But I find every week has a special nuance which keeps me on my toes. 


In January, Duopress, a book publisher in Baltimore, MD, was promoting their new hardboard book, "Do you know a SUPERHERO?" and came across my website. It was immediately evident that my mission aligned perfectly with their book's theme - we are all superheroes. We did a joint Instagram contest where one participating IG follower would receive a custom superhero set and "Do You Know a SUPERHERO?" book. — Congrats to our winner Toni E.



I love the illustrations by Jesus Escudero and the message of this empowering book and wonder if I should consider offering it on my website. Please chime at the bottom of my blog post if I should add it to my superhero collection of items available to the Creative Capes Community. If you want to contact me privately you can email me directly,, or use my contact page to reach me. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and don't forget to follow Creative Capes on Facebook and IG to learn about future contests. 


March 18, 2019 — Holly Hagen
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