Kids can choose their own superpowers

One of the most delightful moments for me, as The Cape Lady, is when a child slips on their mask and personalized cape for the first time. As they look at their superhero reflection, I share with them the exciting news – they now have the power to choose their own superhero abilities.

I make it clear that their first superhero assignment is to select their unique powers. To help ignite their imagination, I suggest a few options like super speed, bravery, kindness, intelligence, invisibility, or even a freeze ray. It's cool to witness the excitement in their face as they ponder their choices.

However, I must confess, amidst all the fantastic powers I've heard, the ability to clean their room or empty the dishwasher hasn't yet made the list – but hey, there's always hope, right?

I emphasize to each child that only they can decide what powers they'll wield. And the best part? Tomorrow, they can choose an entirely different set of powers if they wish. It's all about empowering each child to recognize and celebrate their individual strengths.

I want every child to understand that they are unique, and that's something to be proud of. By embracing their individuality, they can unleash their full potential and become the superheroes of their own lives. After all, diversity is what makes our world truly extraordinary!

Holly Hagen