What is my reward for tellings others about Creative Capes?

You receive a $5 credit every time your friend or family member purchases superhero gear from Creative Capes using your custom referral link. No limit on the number of credits you can receive! And your friend or family member will get a $5 savings on their order! A Win, Win for everyone!!!

How do I get my custom referral link?

Piece of cake! You click on EARN REWARDS in the menu. If you haven't already signed in, then enter your info and a link will be generated for you to share via email, Facebook or X.

Remember, you need to use your custom link to get credit for your referrals.

How do I know if my friends made their purchase?

The Rewards program will automatically email you as your credits become available. Make sure you enter an email you check regularly. I advise you use the same email that you use when making your own purchases on Creative Capes so you don't lose any points.

Any time you can click on the EARN REWARDS in the menu to can see what you earned to date.

Are there more ways to earn rewards?

Sharing is Caring! How do I start?

As a one woman business I want to encourage you to tell others about Creative Capes in as many ways as possible so you can find ways that feel right for you!

You can earn points in a variety of ways. Once you points they accrue to $5, $10 or $20 values, you will be emailed.

First step to to go to the menu bar and click on EARN REWARDS. If you haven't already signed into the program, enter your name and email so you can earn points and send out your custom referral link.

How do I earn Empowerment points what do they amount to?

50 Empowerment points for a LIKE on FB

50 Empowerment points for a SHARE on FB

50 Empowerment points for a FOLLOW on IG

200 Empowerment points to celebrate your birthday

1 Empowerment point for every $1 spent on your orders


25 Empowerment points just for a SIGNING UP to earn points!!!

Will Empowerment points be captured from past purchases even if I wasn't signed up for EARN REWARDS program?

Maybe... It depends on how long ago you made your purchases. To increase the likelihood of capturing points from past purchases, make sure you are using the same valid email.

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