Whether your little one has accidentally wiped their chocolate covered fingers on their cape, or a cup of juice spilled as they were rushing to save the day, we got you covered. 
Superhero kids refueling before saving the day
Whether you’ve had your hero cape a week or years, it’s helpful to know the care instructions. Good news, no special ingredients required to clean the satin material. All you need is a sink, water and a squirt of liquid soap (hand soap or shampoo will be just fine). 
 Creative Capes washing steps for your superhero cape


A quick hand wash is the simple solution to maintain your cape in pristine condition. Add a dab of liquid soap to the stained satin fabric and then wash the cape in a sink with room temperature water. Don’t be afraid to rub together the satin fabric. Next, rinse cape until the suds are gone and hang up to drip dry. I often hang the cape over the shower head fixture to air dry. It takes minutes and super easy! 
Consider having your little hero assist in swishing their cape around in the soapy water to have some fun while taking care of their cherished costume. It is the perfect moment to explain to your child that all clothes used to be hand washed before the washing machine was invented!
Holly Hagen