Creativity can be found in any in almost every corner of your home – whether it's a superhero mask and cape or a handful of crayons and paper. As the summer crosses the halfway mark you maybe running out of ideas how to keep the little ones entertained without relying on electronics or costing a fortune.



Don't overlook the outdoors which is an ideal place to explore, get exercise and discover items to ignite your imagination. Every spring I look forward to taking nature walks to hunt for treasures for my fairy garden. Pine cones, rocks, shells and moss are the foundation of the magical world I create. Recycling an old birdhouse will add structure and colored glass beads from the craft store will add sparkle to your paths, rivers and lakes. 

Building an elf, gnome or fairy home can be a wonderful activity with your kids this summer. No telling what they will create as you help them unleash their imaginations. Post photos of your enchanted gardens, magical caves or mystical cities for Creative Capes fans to enjoy.

Here are some materials that you might want to consider to build your enchanted forest:

Pine cones, Acorns, Moss, Rocks, Shells, Driftwood, Glass beads, Colored pebbles, Fairy/doll house furniture, Locks and keys, Drawer pulls, Birdhouse, Mixture of artificial and real plants, Stepping stones

Holly Hagen