This spring Creative Capes was proud to partner with the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). In an effort to pay it forward, Holly Hagen, owner of Creative Capes, welcomed the opportunity to be a guest speaker for the UMBC Entrepreneurial Marketing Class taught by Jeremy Steinberg. The students were given a unique opportunity to work with a real business during their coursework. Creative Capes, a local business who empowers children through personalized superhero capes, was the selected business for the students to test out their marketing concepts. The class was divided into six teams, each developing their own call to action, content, imagery and target demographics to create the most effective ad campaign for the FaceBook community. The goal was to think outside the box, discover new markets and achieve the best conversion rate. The month long marketing project allowed the students to explore the nuances and challenges of marketing a business via social media platform.  It was an honor to provide an opportunity for these young entrepreneurs to test out their ideas in a real world scenario. 

Holly Hagen