Booth Photo

Great to be featured in a news article from the Crafts and Fine Arts Festival in Collingswood, NJ!


"Another booth selling dog friendly items included Creative Capes, who specialize in both human and four-legged friend capes. Run out of Maryland by Holly, Creative Capes has participated in the Collingswood show before and goes all over the tri-state area, mostly doing shows in New York and Pennsylvania.


'The concept is for kids to become their own superhero, but we also have more popular superhero capes,' said Holly as she was carefully organizing a set of custom superman capes.


The Capes, which are handmade by Holly in Maryland range from capes with an initial cap on the back, to the all-popular Superman and Elsa type capes. Holly also sells hand made accessories, including masks, wrist cuffs, belts, and shields to go along with each cape, and make the perfect costume."


Holly Hagen