"As soon as he put the mask on I was amazed. It was like he transformed in front of our eyes. His excitement was contagious and his fears melted away.

The mask and cape really makes him into a superhero in his mind, but he loves the fact that he has a full costume. The ultimate kit we received includes a cape, mask, wrist cuffs, and belt. Honestly now I think it wouldn't be right to not have all 4 pieces to the set. 

Cam loves how "super cool" he looks, but what I love is that everything is such great quality. The capes are soft and double-sided, which makes them thick so they lay perfectly, but they are not heavy. Cam has run around outside, through our gardens,  and jumped on the trampoline wearing his and it still looks like I just took it out of the package.  

As a parent you know how important it is to give our children tools to spark their creativity and imagination and this gift definitely has. He gets excited to put it on and will wear it all day long.  

Holly, thank you for creating a product that not only sparks my son's imagination and makes him feel empowered, but also for your generosity, friendliness, and speed at helping me make his birthday complete."

Jessica Kessler

Holly Hagen