Great story from a Creative Capes fan... Good morning to the Creative Capes crew! My wife and I would like to share a quick story with you. Our son Steven, who we affectionately call bug, was given a Creative Cape by his aunt about a year ago at the Yarmouth clam festival. Now bug has gone through many a cape over the years but this one is special and he loves how it fits. Since he has put the cape on from the first day he wears it literally everywhere. So it was no surprise to us when our local magazine in Somerville, Massachusetts wanted to interview our bug for starting a non profit that raises money so he can gift adaptive bicycles to kids with different abilities and recognize him for his charity work he wanted to wear his Creative Cape to both the interview and the photo shoot because this is how people know him, as "SUPER S" the s is for Steve. So we were blown away when the issue came out that he was #2 of the top 40 leaders in Somerville for his hard work. He also is medically complex with 2 rare genetic disorders that can slow him down but not stop his ambitiousness. He always wears his cape to Boston children's hospital with scuba flippers to in his words "I love to make others smile". Thank you for making a product that not just is about kid play, but is empowering little ones to do the best they can. —Proud Dad of Super S

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Holly Hagen