As an adult, I had forgotten what it was like to be a child and have the power of imagination with no boundaries. It was such a touching moment the first time the boys put on their capes and masks, they ran in circles for 20 minutes truely believing they were appointed to save the world. I absolutely love the change that takes place the minute you give them the ability to be something other than just an ordinary 4 year old that needs a nap.

My two nieces are now begging for superhero capes of their own so we can have a full-on superhero team (and the oldest is almost 9 so they transend age)! I was also honestly shocked at how well made and durable the capes are after rolling around on concrete and through a field for our photo shoot! They are not only great for encouraging my kids to use their imagination but something that they will be able to pass down to their children one day.  

Thank you so much for your creativity, craftsmanship and the added magic that comes with each cape. – Mindy Guy

Photo Credit: Amy Cullember Photography

Holly Hagen