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Unbelievable Crowds Come to Yarmouth Clam Festival

Many children who entered Hagen’s booth demonstrated what she said she hopes to achieve with her company. Wearing the capes, which come in various color patterns, children at the festival became excited, with many striking “superhero poses.” - Bangor Daily News


Yarmouth Clam Festival News Clipping

July 22, 2014 — Holly Hagen
Haddonfield Crafts and Fine Arts Festival

Haddonfield Crafts and Fine Arts Festival

Then there were newbies such as Maryland's Holly Hagen, who makes initialed "hero capes" - mostly for kids, but adults have gone for them as well. For this show, she brought 900 capes, plus hero masks, hero wrist cuffs, and hero belts.

The idea, she said, "is to teach kids they're special just the way they are."

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July 15, 2014 — Holly Hagen